Clasping At Chests

“I’m hurting myself, and I let you hurt me.
I’m sad, but I’m saddened because I wish you were right for me. I’m sad because I wish you were someone you’re not. I’m sad because I wish you’d treat me the way you can’t. I’m sad because you don’t know how to love me, but I want you to love me anyway. I’m sad because I know I can’t ever let you again. I’m sad because I’ve felt you. I’m sad because you’ve touched me. I’m sad because I’d take it all back.”

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Typically Atypical

“Ever seen that e-card?
“That one friend who only hangs out with guys because she says it’s less drama.”
The streets are flooded with drama. Drama coats the walls, the ceiling and occasionally breaks through a window and dances, butt naked, in your face. Drama has little devil drama babies with sharp teeth and spiked tails, who run around the room singing songs about having 99 problems but a bitch not being one.”

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